Our vision is to connect all gamers and sellers in one central community online.


Overr is Australia’s only gaming marketplace online that focuses exclusively on games and consoles. No one else shares the same passions of a collector or gamer than we do because we are collectors, we are gamers. We created this platform to connect all of Australia’s gamers in one central community online.

We also support small Aussie businesses whether independent game stores or local market stalls and have developed the facilities to import your products onto the site and give you the mobile/web presence you need to get your brand out there! 

What Makes Us Different?


When you open a store with us, there is no limit to how many items you list nor for how long. Nor are there any costs to add products or host your store. We charge a low commission that is significantly lower than other platforms and only is applied after the sale goes through successfully.
We provide tools for you to build your customer base, grow your sales and reduce unnecessary costs. We want to bring your store to the next level 


As our marketplace connects every gamer and seller in one central location, buyers are offered a unique opportunity to find their next game or console online. You become a significant part of the gaming community helping small businesses flourish and enabling them to bring you more exclusive and rare products. 

  Overr is part of the Overr Group